IGNTE (205)

IGNTE (205) is a sneaker designed to help people stay motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

big boy.jpg

IGNTE (205) 

 is dedicated to my past self from 2012

The boy on the far right is me from the year 2012. This boy did not understand anything about diet and exercise. Although he seems happy in this picture, he isn't. He wanted nothing more than to lose weight and live like everyone else. It's easy for me to remember what it felt like to be obese because I never thought I would be in good shape. I weighed 205lbs and had a BMI of 32. To people reading this who are obese or to people who have loved ones who are, I understand how difficult living like this is and can truly empathize with the mental torture you are feeling everyday.

Stay strong and keep going.

Since this picture, I have lost 70lbs and have developed a passion for running. IGNTE (205) is a product design I always new I would work to develop. I have now graduated from Purdue and do not have the time or resources to continue working on it, but I plan to move my designs further along when I have the ability to.


People struggling with obesity need an additional motivational push to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Preliminary Research/


The important information from my preliminary research is that obesity leads to serious health concerns. People who are obese or overweight prefer to run alone on a treadmill because they are not seen by other people who may be judging them. Three quarters of my survey participants said they have trouble motivating themselves to work out. Lastly, people who are unexperienced got easily overwhelmed by all the different aspects of fitness.

Preliminary Interviews/

The important information from my interviews is that the only item all of them consistently bring to the gym is a pair of gym shoes. All of them also told me that they wanted to stay motivated, but had trouble doing so. They also mentioned that getting started was more difficult than continuing a consistent routine.

Scholarly Articles/

The important information from the articles I analyzed was that with both men and women, health benefits are the number one reason people go to the gym. Social acceptance and appearance are unlikely to promote consistent motivation to keep going once the motivation fades. Increased motivation helps promote competence and autonomy in your brain which increases the possibility of personal change far beyond what a person thinks they can accomplish.


Problem Story Board/

problem story board.jpg

While reviewing the information I gathered, I felt the urge to draw up a quick problem story board to help visualize what is going on in the minds of my target demographic. The fear and lack of motivation many of us feel about diet & exercise is similar to the fear a child would have about going on a dangerous journey.

Concept Sketches/


Important Features/


Having extra support in the outsole will be useful for my target market because they are heavier.

Allowing the heel to be adjustable will be appealing to users because they have wider feet.

Motivation can be implemented into the shoe by allowing the user to customize the top strap.

Concept #1 Sketch/


I also discovered that including a "smart sole"  would give the user accurate statistics about their workout.

Smart sole 1.png

 Concept #1 Sketch

This concept includes the important features from my sketches. After bringing my sketches to the people I interviewed, they informed me that the most useful features are the heel adjustment system, customizable top strap, & extra support in the outsole.

Concept #1  Mock-Up/

Concept #1 Mock-Up

Although the design of my sneaker looked nice in sketch format, both myself and interviewees thought the design was too plain.

Building my sneaker out of clay was difficult, but looking at the concept three dimensionally was very insightful. 


Concept Sketching Round 2/

Sketching Round 2

During this phase of my sketching,  I was working directly with my design peers and teachers to develop a more interesting and intricate design. I focused on implementing the feedback from my target user group to add functions they would like to have.   

Concept 2.jpg

After reviewing my second round of aesthetic sketches, I developed the final sneaker concept. Its important features are (angled/customizable top strap) (heel lacing system) (extra support in the outsole) (Smart sole). The smart sole is used to track steps, calories burned, and distance traveled.       

Final Concept Sketch/


Photoshop Render/


Developed a photoshop render for my sneaker. I decided to color my shoe black and red, but ultimately the color of the shoe and the design on the strap are chosen by the user. The name of my sneaker is IGNTE and the brand is (205).  

ZBrush & Keyshot Render/


My personal IGNTE sneaker would have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo on the strap. Tom Brady is one of my heros, he motivates me to work hard. By seeing the flag I would think of Brady and feel more inspired to go for a run.

 Custom 205s/

Weather it's football, Super heros, or Goku, it does not matter, simply design it anyway which will help you feel motivated. 

Site Map & Wire Frame/

IGNTE Mobile App

The main interface has multiple features to help the user keep track of their progress and stay motivated. On the home page they will see a quick overview of their workout stats. There is a “get motivated” page where the user can view past pictures and videos of themselves to see how far they have come. There is also a section where the user can write down their reasons for wanting to lose weight.

App UI Testing/

Worked with UX/UI graduate students to optimize the flow of my app. By printing out paper mock-up pages of each interface and having my peers run through it, I was able to see where the pain points were.

App Interface/

IGNTE Mobile App

The IGNTE app works directly with the sneaker itself. After scanning your QR code from your smart sole, you are able to view all of your fitness stats, get motivated pages, and strap designs. By completing different fitness challenges, the user will unlock discount codes for new straps with even more design options.

Shoe Box Design/

Shoe Box Design

The IGNTE shoe box is a packaging combination of a regular shoe box and a piece of high tech equipment. The Smart Sole is under two layers of dense foam to keep it protected throughout the product's shipping process.

Thank You/