Halo Youth/Micro

2018/Industrial Design/Consumer Electronic 

Halo is a Cochlear Implant redesign to allow users to overcome their hearing loss and increase their

social confidence.

Cochlear Implants are complicated pieces of technology with many moving parts, to briefly explain how they work Sound travels to your ear and the processor behind your ear converts it to digital signals. The digital signals are then transferred to the implant behind your skin. The implant then sends the digital signals through the electrode into your brain in a format that your brain can

translate back into sound.

Halo Micro/Youth

This project aims to help both adults and infants with hearing disabilities. The goal of Halo Micro was to provide users with a smaller and more nimble design for adults to increase their social confidence. Halo Youth was designed with an emphasis on security to prevent infants from accidently harming their device.